Feline Conservation Federation

2018 Conference Speakers

We are pleased to welcome an impressive lineup of speakers, who will not only present on their topics, but will be available at other times during the conference to individually answer questions and discuss related topics. The speakers listed below will be presenting both Friday morning and Saturday morning.
Dr. Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf, a veterinary specialist in zoological medicine at NCSU, on how best to choose the right veterinarian for your animals and effectively communicate your concerns to them
Alan Smith, State Lobbyist for Zoological Association of America, on grassroots lobbying and working with legislators
David Kleven, Animal Care Software developer, demonstrating the capacity of his software package, which is an all in one cloud based animal record keeping system, including frontline communication for staff, Medical Records, Prescription Tracking and Treatment Reminders, Daily Reports, Tasks & Checklists, and Tagging and Notifications
Dawn Strasser, Cincinnati Zoo neonate specialist on pre-parturition dams and preparing for contingencies
Rachel Garner, freelance science educator and founder of WhyAnimalsDoTheThing.com
Keith Gault of BillieKatz Exotics, engineer and military contractor, on his insights about relocating their small cat facility, including planning and construction for living in a hurricane zone
Dr. Brian Davis, a geneticist from Texas A&M sharing a scientists view of the current state of tiger genetics, his genetic banking project, and using genetics to identify the causes of some inherited diseases in felines
Kim Barker, the Conservators Center’s own Serval Whisperer, discussing how to best provide for servals that have been rehomed and need help rebonding with a new owner 

Bill Hanka, a federal lobbyist with experience working on exotic animal bills in Washington, DC. Bill will be addressing some of the legislation of concern to the feline community and advising on actions we can take to ensure our voices are heard.

Mary Ann McBride, DVM, MS, Veterinary Medical Officer, USDA APHIS Animal Care will be speaking on USDA Animal Care and what’s new for wild feline facilities.

Conference is Thursday, August 22 through Saturday, August 25 at the Hilton Charlotte Executive Park Hotel. Reserve your hotel room online.

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