Feline Conservation Federation

2019 FCF Conference

            Information Roll Out!                                              Jaguar Ball
         - Reserve these dates so you can attend -
          Friday, June 14 to Sunday, June 16
Wild Feline Husbandry Course Thursday, June 13
                Hosted by Turtle Back Zoo 

                   560 Northfield Ave. West Orange, NJ
Don’t just lay around!!!  Make sure your vacation time is set so you can join us! 

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We will detail our expert speaker lineup, educational events, and  the FCF lodging.
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Turtle Back Zoo exhibits over 200 species. At its Big Cat Country we’ll explore with the jaguars and cougars as they roam their spacious 7,500-square-feet  habitat.

Other felines on display include New Jersey native feline the bobcat, cold weather climate cats Amur leopard and snow leopard, and a pride of African lions.

As Conference Host, this year’s Husbandry Course and Contingency Planning Resources classes will be taught on the zoo grounds.
Turtle Back Zoo will also be our venue for our Conference speakers and Banquet dinner setting.
Nearest Airport is Newark, NJ. Turtle Back Zoo is just 12 miles from the airport.