Feline Conservation Federation


Arizona Regulations on wild and exotic felines

Game & Fish Dept
7200 E University
Mesa, AZ 85207

State Website: http://az.gov/ 

Department Website: http://azgfd.net/ 

Short Summary: Issues Private Game Farm license for USDA licensed facilities which allows the sale, trade, rental, purchase, display, import and export, possession and propagation of wildlife.

Also have Zoo License and Wildlife Holding License.  Wildlife holding license is for scientific advancement, wildlife management, educational displays, abandoned or disabled wildlife, animals that are no longer useful in previous captive situations, and commercial photography. They may not be exhibited.  Wildlife holding is divided into four categories: Wildlife Management/Science/Public Health, Educational, Humane Treatment and Commercial Photography licenses. Scientific Study permit is only issued to students and faculty members of higher learning institutions. Humane treatment license is required to hold non-releasable animals. These are one-year renewable permits. They do not cover healthy animals wanted for personal possession. Education does not permit "exhibiting", but requires educational use of animals.