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Arkansas Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines

Game & Fish Commission
Two Natural Resources Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72205

State Web Site: http://www.state.ar.us/
Commission Web Site: http://www.agfc.com/

Short Summary: Changed regulations in 2005. New state law requires all exisiting tiger and lion owners to register with county sheriff's departments, and obtain liability insurance, pay a $250 per cat yearly fee, and abide by USDA caging standards. No new cats may be obtained.

Persons with USDA exhibiting license or a Game and Fish Breeder/Dealer Permit are exempt from the requirement to register with the county. New Breeder/Dealer permits for tiger, lion or cougar will only be issued for conservation or scientific purposes after December 2005.

A new Cougar possession permit was created in 2007. This permit is for existing cougar holders who are not breeding or dealing, just possessing. This permit does not require monthly reporting.

Bobcats may be captured by hand legally - up to six per household. Bobcats can also be legally purchased instate or imported. Possession of other exotic felines are not regulated but all imported animals require an import permit.

The rearing of any wild feline, or the dispursing of them, whether by sale or donation requires a wildlife Breeder/Dealer permit. Sanctuaries will need to obtain this permit as well.

All Breeder/Dealer or cougar holding permit holders must follow general provisions applicable to Captive Wildlife permits in code 15.11, which includes caging and fencing standards for large cats.

Wildlife imported into or through the state requires an Importation permit. Only USDA licensed exhibitors may import lion or tiger into Arkansas. The $25 permit must be acquired before the animal is brought into the state and it must be filled out and signed by a veterinarian and returned to AR G & F within seven days of the feline's arrival. Possession of wild felines is regulated on a county level in several counties.