Feline Conservation Federation


Colorado Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines

Division of Wildlife
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216

State Website: http://cpw.state.co.us/

Department Website: http://wildlife.state.co.us/

Short Summary: Issues Commercial Wildlife Park Permits. Wild felines must be possessed for commercial purposes only. Has specific requirements to meet definition of commercial - must provide a plan to show a profit, have experience, maintain business records, hire and train employees, file state and Federal income tax based on this activity, etc. Further, has caging requirements, and any animal exhibited out of a cage requires a $500,000 liability policy. Big cats can be held in natural settings. Open topped enclosures must be 10 feet, with double electrified wires on top and fencing sunk 3 feet into ground.

2007 change: Has added Non-profit Commercial permit for 501 c 3 non-profit facilities that does not require a business plan designed for profit.
In 2007 added new requirement for posting bonding in a sufficient amount to cover the expense of placement of cats should the facility have to close.

Effective 9/1/2013  New rule change allows all grandfathered wildlife sanctuaries that are impacted with a force of nature to move to a new location without becoming AZA.  

Colorado  Effective 7/1/2014  New Rule change to Chapter 11 #1103C was adopted to clarify what sectors were exempt from the different parts of the wildlife parks rule.