Feline Conservation Federation


Delaware Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines

Department of Agriculture
2320 South DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901

State Web Site: http://www.delaware.gov/
Department Website: http://dda.delaware.gov/

Short Summary: Delaware revised its exotic animal permit system in 2010.  Must have permit to possess animals not native to state - has specific carnivore category and hybrid of a wild mammal category for hybrids. Must have USDA caging and secondary enclosure (perimeter fence), but Accredited Zoo, Exhibitor, and Rehabilitation permits may request a variance.  Delaware issues the following permits:

Individual for pet ownership that must be renewed every 3 years
Accredited Zoo for AZA accredited facilities

Exhibitor One permit covers all animals, but the exhibitor must notify the Department within 60 days before the exhibition with the dates and activity list.  Must have a public health and safety plan, animal attack protocol, and animal health plan available upon request.  A sales permit is required if selling animals.  It does not permit breeding. 

Rehabilitator Issued for short term care and rehabilitation.  Native bobcats require a permit from the DNREC too. 

Sales Does not allow the breeding of carnivores or hybrids of wild mammals, so the breeding of all exotic felines and hybrids is prohibited under this license.