Feline Conservation Federation


Georgia Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines

Department of Natural Resources
2109 US Highway 278
SE Social Circle, GA 30025

State Website: http://georgia.gov/ 
Department Website: http://www.gadnr.org/

Short Summary: All felines and hybrids are banned as pets including domestic hybrids. Issues the following licenses: 

Wild Animal License - Must be 18 and USDA licensed, have $40,000 per animal of liability insurance up to $500,000 for large felines (panthera species, snow leopard, cougar or cheetah) except governmental agencies and university research centers, prove that no local ordinances forbid holding wildlife, and have facility separate from a residence. Has regulation that specifies humane handling, care, confinement and transportation of wildlife.

Wild Animal Auction License - Allows one time auction for up to 7 days and requires $5000 fee, cash or surety bond for $50,000, descriptions of numbers and species of animals to be sold, a plan for housing facilities, and a copy of the auction brochure.  Applications must be sent in 60 days prior to the auction date.  

Wildlife Exhibition permit - Must be 18 and USDA licensed.  Permanent facilities must be open at least 30 hours a week for 6 months a year with sign of hours of operation.  Bobcats must be quarantined 180 days before exhibition, and handlers must have rabies pre-exposure vaccines, which must be re-administered every 5 years.  Mobile educational programs must have at least 12 documented program hours per year.  Public contact with felines is prohibited.  Bobcats may not be exhibited in mobile programs.  Government agencies and traveling circuses which donate 10% of proceeds to state charities will be given a free permit. 

Rehabilitation Permit - Issued for releasable animals unless exception granted. Rehabilitation permits for rabies vector species (bobcats) will only be issued to vets or those with 2 years experience as a rehabilitator, who cared for at least 20 animals, score at least 85% on an exam covering rabies, and who receive rabies pre-exposure vaccines.