Feline Conservation Federation


Massachuttes Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines

Department of Fish and Wildlife
251 Causeway St.
Boston, MA 02114

State Web Site: http://www.mass.gov/
Department Website: http://www.mass.gov/eea/

Wildlife as Pets: http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dfg/dfw/fish-wildlife-plants/wildlife-as-pets.html

Short Summary: No permits for propagation unless in compliance with AZA, IUCN, or the state of Massachusetts or the USA, and in the eyes of MA Director will make a meaningful contribution to the survival and recovery of the species. No personal possession permits for the purpose of pet ownership will be issued. Authentic and legitimate educational use certified by zoological or biological officials will be issued permits. Commercial businesses where the animal is in conjunction with the  primary existing occupation or livelihood of the applicant will be granted a permit.

Feline hybrids are considered wildlife and subject to the wildlife permits.  However, felines registered with national and international feline organizations certified to be at least 3 generations removed are exempt.