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Montana Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines

Fish, Wildlife and Parks
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State Website: http://mt.gov/
Department Website: http://fwp.mt.gov/  

Short Summary: Bobcats and lynx are listed as furbearers. State issues Fur Farm permit, but make one exception. If animal is raised not for its fur or body parts, a permit is not required.

Importation of wild felines into the state requires an import permit.
Exotic wildlife is classified into prohibited, controlled, and non-controlled.  Servals and jungle cats are non-controlled and may be possessed and sold as pets without a permit.  All other felines are automatically prohibited and are limited to zoo or roadside menagerie permit, AZA facility, USDA Class C Exhibitor for less than 90 days, college, university, or government agency for scientific or public health research, scientific institution, USDA nonprofit organization that exhibits wildlife for educational or scientific purposes, a service animal, and national or state agency affiliated rescue facility.  

Roadside Menagerie is for exhibiting or using wild animals to attract trade.  Must keep detailed records of acquisition, birth, death and transfer. There are also housing, feeding, treatment and care regulations. Roadside Menagerie Permits requires proof of liability insurance for bodily injury up to $25,000 per person up to $100,000 on each occurrence along with property damage up to $5,000 per occurrence. Insurance must be with a reputable operation and must cover all injury to the public whether negligent operation, maintenance care, confinement or supervision causes an accident. Permit fees are $10.00 for less then 6 animals, and over 6 animals cost $25.00. No more than 10 animals may be possessed with a Wild Animal Menagerie permit. Has caging, record keeping, feeding, treatment and sanitation requirements.

Wild Animal Menagerie is where up to 10 large cats are kept for purposes other than exhibition.

Zoo permits require that the licensee be a non-profit organization or AZA.

Tigers and mountain lions must be tattooed on the left thigh.