Feline Conservation Federation


   The Feline Conservation Federation accreditation committee has approved Pumarama, a rescue and educational facility in Tyron, Oklahoma, for FCF Feline Facility Accreditation. Committee chair Christina Donofrio said of Pumarama’s approval, “The block cat building is awesome, designed with cleaning in mind. The outdoor enclosures are well constructed, large, and full of enrichments.”
    Pumarama is run by Bob and Leah Aufill. The Aufill’s have made it their mission to provide a refuge for displaced wild cats and to also educate the community about America’s wild cats. In 2014 Pumarama was approved by the USDA for an exhibitor’s license allowing Pumarama to conduct educational tours of the pumas at the facility.
   The Aufill’s have converted a veterinary clinic into their comfortable home. It also accommodates a female Canada lynx, and male southern bobcat. Outdoor enclosures attach to the house to allow the cats opportunities to bask in the sun and play outdoors.
   Pumarama has a climate controlled indoor block building with walk-in cooler and freezer, food preparation areas, a quarantine area, and divided cougar rooms. The building is designed to withstand the extremes of Oklahoma’s weather.
Two outdoor multistory puma habitats feature six gauge wire panels welded to two inch square steel posts. One habitat measures 30 by 60 feet and the other is 40 by 50 feet. Both enclosures sit on concrete block footings three foot deep. Enclosure walls are 20 feet tall with towers in the middle. Catwalks run across the top of the two habitats connecting the towers in each habitat. Each space has ample shade from trees inside, and features grass, a dirt mound and extra logs placed about for scratching, jumping and balancing. Two guillotine gates allow moving and separation as needed. The entire facility is surrounded by eight foot tall chain link perimeter fencing.