Feline Conservation Federation

South Dakota

South Dakota Regulations on Wild and Exotic Felines

Animal Industry Board
411 South Fort Street
Pierre, SD 57501

State Web Site: http://www.sd.gov/
Department Website: http://aib.sd.gov/

Short Summary: Requires a permit to possess all nondomestic felines and their hybrids. The state issues the following relevant permits:
Entry Permit - required for import, and it may be granted by telephone (no charge).
Dealer Auction Permit - Require to broker, lease, purchase or sell felines ($100).
Possession Permit - For personal possession ($10 per animal, max of $100).
Zoo Permit - For non-profit exhibitors ($10 per animal, max of $100).
Facility must be built and approved before issuing permit.
Bobcats and Canada lynx are considered fur-bearing animals, and while the state allows the keeping of some furbearers as pets, it does not permit bobcat and lynx as pets.