Feline Conservation Federation

A1 Savannahs

    A1 Savannahs is the latest facility to be accredited by the Feline Conservation Federation.  A1 Savannahs is owned and operated by Kathrin and Martin Stucki.
     The Ponca City, Oklahoma breeding facility specializes in producing African serval and the various hybrid crosses that make up the exotic domestic breed known as Savannahs.
    A1 Savannahs is a highly efficient and well-run breeding facility. Over one hundred felines are permanent residents and are cared for by the Stucki's and three full time employees.
    The forty-acre facility has a number of new all metal barns and buildings that provide ample space for indoor cat enclosures, and give protection from the Oklahoma weather extremes of wind, rain, cold and heat. Each indoor feline enclosure also connects to an outdoor run.
    The breeding serval pairs reside in pens framed up with oil field pipe and welded 4 by 4-galvanized panels with another layer of 2-inch chain link fabric attached.

   Contained inside each enclosure are wooden resting platforms, igloo houses, cinder block houses, scratching logs, and plenty of natural grass growing throughout.
    Enrichments for the servals include rope toys, cardboard boxes for shredding, and pet bottles containing a few stones to make noisy rattles to bat around. Native flowers and peppermint plants surround the enclosures.
    The facility's other farm animals are in full view of the servals. They can watch the interactions of rabbits, chickens, goats and lambs. These animals are also occasionally on the serval's dinner menu, enriching their basic diet of canned Zupreme and dry cat kibble.

serval pen