Feline Conservation Federation

Board of Directors

Executive Director Lynn Culver

Lynn Culver has previously served as FCF president, legal affairs director, secretary/treasurer and life director. Ms. Culver is a nationally recognized feline husbandry consultant, with over two  decades of feline breeding, hand rearing and behavior study and species management experience.  The Culver's USDA licensed facility specializes in small cat species. They manage a significant  population of Geoffroy's cats, as well as other North American and African small cat species. 

 President Kevin Chambers
Kevin Chambers has worked with animals all his life on the family farm. Mr. Chambers attended Purdue University studying Agricultural Engineering.  His experience with exotics began in 1974  and has experience with over 130 different species.  He bred his first exotic feline in 1982 and is the first person to successfully breed Irkutsk lynx in North America. Mr. Chambers founded the  Zoological Animal Reproduction Center, which breeds various species of wildlife in addition to the exotic cats. This USDA and USF&W licensed operation specializes in breeding, brokering,  importing and exporting. Chambers has transported animals all over the USA and to and from more than 20 foreign countries, dealing with facilities from all venues: research facilities,  domestic and international zoos, private breeders, pet owners, entertainers, and exhibitors.  He has worked with over 130 different species of wildlife. Mr. Chambers is very active in the 4-H youth organization where he has served on boards and various positions for over 20 years.

Vice President Mindy Stinner
Mindy Stinner co-founded the Conservators' Center in 1999 to house exotic felines in need, and various other wildlife species. The Center, located in Mebane, NC, has a three-fold mission of rescue, education and conservation. The Center has a strong community support from businesses and citizens and provides valuable wildlife viewing and education opportunities bring awareness of  issues facing nature. Ms. Stinner has served in the past as Director of Conservation for the FCF. She has also been the editor of the FCF Journal. Ms. Stinner is committed to the FCF mission, its  goal to educate members and the public, and its commitment to protecting wild cat ownership.

Secretary Rebecca Krebs
Currently Ms. Krebs work at two zoos, one is an AZA facility and one is a private facility. She has participated in many forms of feline conservation from biological field work to public education, and is also very experienced with scooping poop and mending fences. Ms. Krebs has worked with captive Bengal and Sumatran tiger, lion, Amur leopard, snow leopard, clouded leopard, jaguar, cougar, Florida panther, caracal, bobcat and serval. 

Treasurer Lynn Culver

Lynn Culver is a licensed USDA feline breeder and husbandry consultant. Ms. Culver has been involved in the FCF continuously since 2001, and presently also serves as the organization's Executive Director. She has extensive knowledge of the FCF budget, financials, and bookkeeping needs having trained and worked with other treasurers in the past. Ms. Culver is committed to ensuring that the FCF remain a society of very diverse feline experts, professional and enthusiasts with a common goal to improve captive feline welfare, and wild feline conservation.

Director Chris Tromborg
Chris Tromborg, PhD, teaches animal psychology at the University of California, Davis. He has worked for over 40 years for the protection of wild mountain lions and bobcats in California; and also  for the preservation of free-living cheetahs, snow leopards, and tigers. Mr. Tromborg has served as a member of the AZA's "Animal Care and Husbandry Advisory Board (Feline TAG)." He has  published several studies focusing on behavioral enrichment for captive animals in zoos, including felines. Mr. Tromborg also serves as a member of the board of directors of The Mountain Lion Foundation. Mr. Tromborg is committed to the right of responsible private individuals to possess, befriend, display, breed and manage captive exotic felines.

Director Robert Bean
Robert Bean and his wife founded the 501(c)(3) non-profit Tennessee Nature Center, specializing in non-invasive research that added to the body of knowledge on enrichment, reproduction and  diet. Mr. Bean has experience with over 13 species of felidae, including Tiger, Leopard, Cougar, Snow Leopard, Chinese Leopard, Siberian Lynx, Bobcat, Caracal, Serval and more. Mr. Bean has  served on the FCF board of directors in the past and has returned to work with today’s membership to see that FCF meets its goal of conservation of felids both in captivity and in nature.