Feline Conservation Federation

Branson Promised Land Zoo

    The Feline Conservation Federation has approved Branson's Promised Land Zoo for feline facility accreditation.
   FCF accreditation committee chairperson Christa Donofrio says, "The young zoo's design is impressive, especially it's spacious, well-organized nutrition building and the carnivore building's inside lock downs."
    Branson's Promised Land Zoo opened in May of 2013 and public reception has been outstanding. Located in a popular tourist destination, visitors gain conservation education alongside one-of-a-kind interactive experiences and live animal shows. 
    The zoo complies with federal USDA regulations, Missouri's Large Carnivore Act restrictions, and the city of Branson's ordinances as well.
    The nine-acre walk-thru park features 45 species of wildlife, including lion, tiger, serval, caracal,  olive baboons, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys and marmosets, ring-tailed lemurs, sloths, kangaroos, parakeets and tropical birds, hyena, zebras, camels, alpacas, lamas, capybaras, reptiles and petting zoo animals.

Outdoor runs feature sturdy construction, gabled roofing, stamped concrete, drains to the sewer and even guttering to prevent undermining of foundations.   Exclusion barrier fences are all at least five feet from any animal exhibit and are constructed of sturdy welded wire. Most of the carnivore enclosures are built with chain link for safety, and welded wire also. 
    The indoor nutrition building has several exhibits inside behind tempered glass.  Many of the hand-reared babies spend time in these displays as well as the zoo's popular ambassadors.
    Laura Remenar says, "We are all very grateful that the FCF has accredited our newest location and we look forward to working with everyone in the FCF to educate others on these wonderful cats placed in our care." 

outdoor enclsoures

Josh bottle feeds tiger