Feline Conservation Federation

Cheetah Conservation Botswana

January 2016     
    The FCF made a $1000 conservation grant to Cheetah Conservation Botswana to support the initial training and care of four livestock guarding dogs. According to CCB director Rebecca Klein, “Botswana has an incredibly important role to play in cheetah conservation globally. It is one of the last and best hopes for the maintenance of the cheetah population.”
    Cheetah Conservation Botswana (CCB) is a home-grown, wildlife conservation NGO that protects Botswana's cheetah and predator populations through a three-pronged - conservation education, community outreach and scientific research, working with rural communities to promote coexistence with Botswana's rich diversity of predator species. Over the last 10 years, it has made considerable strides locally, regionally and internationally for the work that it does. According to statistics, Botswana has an estimated cheetah population of approximately 2000 animals. These are distributed throughout Botswana, particularly in the Kalahari ecosystem.
    Cheetah Conservation Botswana has worked with various national and international governments, private entities and individuals on conservation efforts for sustainable development, as well as catering for the future generations. CCB is a member of Botswana Council of NGO’s (BOCONGO), the National Environment Education Committee (NEEC) under Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and a partner organization of the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN). We attend various awareness platforms, workshops and conferences to promote predator conservation education around and outside the country.