Feline Conservation Federation

Cheetah Preservation & Research Center

   The Cheetah Preservation and Research Center in Mooresville, Indiana is the latest facility to be awarded FCF Feline Facility Accreditation by the Accreditation Committee.
    The facility sits on the 37-acre rural property. Robert Turner began construction of the non-profit center  in 1995. Presently it houses five serval, three bobcats and thirty-five domestic cats that find refuge at the center.
  A nine hundred square foot geo-thermal heated and cooled building is divided into eight indoor compartments and a food preparation and storage area. The kitchen has running hot and cold water, refrigerator, cabinets and counters.

    Outdoors the cats have the benefit of three runs that are ten by eighty feet long and another run that is twelve by one hundred feet long. This allows the servals and bobcats room to really get up a head of speed as they chase balls and play with each other. Surrounding the facility is an eight-foot perimeter fence.
    The main focus of the USDA licensed facility is to conduct education outreach programs using bobcat and serval as ambassadors.
    In addition to housing the resident cats, Bob is working on a high-speed cheetah exercise system. The 160-foot diameter circle is enced ten-foot tall with a three-foot recurve. Bob has designed a unit that will enable an operator to program a random course for a suspended lure to be chased by cats. Since there are presently no cheetahs at the facility, the resident small cats get the fun of testing this invention.

cheetah chaser area