Feline Conservation Federation

FCF Funds Chilean Rescue Facility

October 18, 2008  The Feline Conservation Federation has announced a $3,400 grant to the non-profit organization Fauna Andina located in Santiago, Chili. The funds will be used for conservation of native Chilean fauna.
    Fauna Andina was founded in 2000 by Fernando Vidal and is licensed by the Chilean government wildlife service. The organization houses two separate programs.
    The Center for Rehabilitation is responsible for nurturing injured animals back to full health for release back into their natural habitat. Animals who are deemed non-releasable are cared for throughout their lifetime.
    In addition, The Center for Reproduction embraces the mission of breeding rare Chilean fauna for release back into the wild for the purpose of sustaining viable populations and gene pools. One notable achievement at Fauna Andina is the first ever birth of huemul, the small native deer, to a captive-born mother.
    Fauna Andina is the only licensed facility in Chile to hold guigna, an endangered small cat species. According to founder Vidal, "Since basic ecology and biology aspects of this small feline are unknown, investigation in this field is one of the project goals. This effort could be the difference between extinction, or conservation of this endangered species in the next decade."
    Lynn Culver, President of the Feline Conservation Federation stated, "The funds donated to Fauna Andina allow our organization to continue creating a positive impact on wildlife around the world. Organizations such as Fauna Andina are serving the greater good of humanity by caring for sick and injured wildlife as well as helping to boost their numbers in the wild. The Feline Conservation Federation counts it an honor to partner with the Chilean government and Fauna Andina in their conservation efforts."
    The Feline Conservation Federation is the world"s largest organization of private conservationists who are dedicated to the preservation, protection and propagation of wild felines.