Feline Conservation Federation

FCF Donates to Fishing Cat Conservancy

    In early 2014 the Fishing Cat Conservancy (FCC) was established with the mission to promote the perpetual survival of fishing cats in the wild through public awareness and education, community-based conservation of fishing cats and their habitat, and mitigation of human-wild cat conflicts throughout their range.
    In June 2014, the Feline Conservation Federation donated $2,100 to help FCC. Since then support has been given to local conservation heroes, Ramesh and Appa Rao (the mangrove man of India), enabling capacity-building training on wildlife camera-based monitoring of fishing cats. Funds also allow continued wildlife camera setups to document fishing cats in the last remaining, yet unprotected mangrove tracts along the coast of northern AP, India.  Murthy Kantimahanthi, President of the EGWS and local coordinator of this fishing cat project in coastal AP, conducted several more questionnaire surveys with villagers to document the occurrence of fishing cats, and started two education programs for school children in schools not very far away from where fishing cats occur.  The FCC website (www.fishingcat.org) which highlights the significance of the endangerment of fishing cats, their unique wetland/mangrove habitats and community-based conservation efforts underway to enhance awareness and protection, both locally and globally was  also launched with the funding from the FCF.