Feline Conservation Federation

2017 Convention Field Trip

The 2017 FCF Convention is being hosted by Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary. We will visit this beautiful and unique feline venue on Wednesday, July 26.

Charlie playing

Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary  is home to a variety of feline species. We’ll see lion, tiger, liger, tigon, black and spotted leopard, cougar, serval and bobcat. Other species on exhibit include cinnamon, black and sun bears, exotic birds such as macaws and cockatoos, tortoises, primates from chimps to capuchins,  and this kid friendly venue also has a petting zoo with goats, llamas, chicken and  emu.

Sarasota's Florida Big Cat Habitat combines entertainment and education along with its mission of  rescue. The nonprofit sanctuary is a permanent home for dozens of exotic animals, networks with other refuges to place animals in need, and is open five days a week to educate the public about animal care and wildlife conservation.

Kay Rossaire

Founder Kay Rosaire is one of the most loved and respected animal trainers in the world. In 1987 Kay retired from the entertainment industry to found Big Cat Habitat. Kay is a recognized expert in animal husbandry pertaining to lions and tigers.

Mia the liger and Clayton Rossaire

Kay’s son Clayton trains some of the big cats at the habitat using mutual respect to achieve a harmonious and rewarding experience. His passion is conservation of these majestic and endangered big cats. His educational demonstrations alongside these magnificent creatures include a unique educational message of exotic animal preservation, conservation and habitat preservation.

Pam and Chance

Pamela Rossaire appears to have a rough and tough exterior, but she combines it with hilarious, biting wit and a deep bond with her chimps. She is unique in the world with her capable handling of adult chimpanzees.

Vanna White tiger jumps

FCF Convention attendees will witness how the amazing bond of love and trust between big cat and trainer is utilized to teach a variety of natural behaviors, demonstrating the intelligence, athletic skills and playful behavior of a variety of big cats.

Handsome the lion

Handsome the lion waits for his cue to strut his stuff. This is one FCF Convention you don't want to miss! Register online here.