Feline Conservation Federation

FCF Safety Net transports tigers from Riverglen to Turpentine Creek

March 6, 2013   

    Fresh off of one rehoming victory of six tigers traveling from Wisconsin to Florida aided by the Wildcat Safety Net Fund, there is distressing news of tigers in desperate need of FCF help. The Riverglen Tigers Sanctuary in Arkansas announced last November that due to the failing health of Betty Young the owner of the sanctuary, she needed to place out 34 big cats and she wanted Turpentine Creek Animal Sanctuary to take in 28 tigers and a pair of puma. Betty had contacted one other sanctuary, FCF member facility, Cedar Cove Sanctuary in Kansas for assistance. A pair of white tigers and pair of black leopards has been successfully moved to that facility.
    The relocation of 30 big cats will denote a tremendous amount of effort and monetary cost for Turpentine Creek to ensure the optimal well being of the cats. Tanya Smith, director of Turpentine Creek Animal Sanctuary contacted the FCF in January and applied for the maximum Wildcat Safety Net grant of $1,000, which was approved and awarded by the FCF. The move required dozens of trips from the Eureka Springs area sanctuary to the Mountainburg, Arkansas facility to prepare for, and to move the many, many big cats.
ost of Riverglen's tigers now reside off exhibit in a 4.5 acre fenced in area. Each tiger has its own 1,000 square foot enclosure with concrete den box, grassy area, and this summer, shade cloth, stock tanks for swimming and overhead sprinklers will help the cats stay comfortable.

  Due to the large number of tigers being rehomed, and the extensive cost of providing enclosures, Executive Director Lynn Culver pledged $500 as a matching grant for donations going to help the tiger relocation to Turpentine Creek. Every donation to the Wildcat Safety Net Fund during this matching grant drive will be matched by the Culver's $500 matching pledge, and another check will be sent to Turpentine Creek.
   Culver states, "For those who have not considered donating to the FCF before, I hope that this commitment by us will inspire you to take advantage of this offer to double your donation dollar. The expense of a rescue of this magnitude cannot be understated, and the aid of all those who care about wild felids is being called upon in this case."
   The Culvers are no strangers to the big cats at Riverglen, as Bart Culver lived at the Mountainburg facility for three months when Riverglen originally relocated from West Fork to the land purchased in Mountainburg, Arkansas. Read about that move here
    All donations to the FCF Wildcat Safety Net Fund are tax-deductible. Use the convenient PayPal on the FCF donation page, mail a check, or call in a credit card number to our treasurer.  Mail to Feline Conservation Federation; Attn: FCF Treasurer, 141 Polk Road 664, Mena, AR 71953. Additionally, as a thank you gift for each $30 donation, a choice of wild cat artwork by artist Teri Zuckworth is offered.  Indicate which print you chose in the text box of the donation page.