Feline Conservation Federation

Hawk Creek Wildlife Center

The Feline Conservation Federation facility accreditation committee has apprived accreditation for the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Inc. in East Aurora, New York.

Hawk Creek is an environmental center that performs wildlife rehabilitation, outreach education and conservation. The Center is an important native wildlife rehabilatator, and treats and releases over 500 native wildlife species annually.

In addition to saving native wildlife, Hawk Creek also is a home to several exotic felines. Residents include rehomed pet servals and bobcat, Siberian lynx and ocelot that owners gave up, and a couple of specially acquired ambassador felines, Africa caracal and most recently a Canada lynx.

The Hawk Creek Wildlife Center is open just seven days annually for public events, but each year performs 2,000 outreach educational programs at schools, libraries, corporate events and public venues. By offering offsite programs Hawk Creek is able to reach and educate a large part of mainstream America that does not normally visit animal parks.

The FCF accreditation committee found the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center to be a clean and well-run facility. The enclosures, staff and operating procedures meet the physical and emotional needs of the resident felines.