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Husbandry Course Host Contract

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 Feline Conservation Federation Husbandry Course Host Contract
This agreement, made and entered into this __________day of
_________________, 20___ by and between:
Director of Education, on behalf of
Feline Conservation Federation (FCF)
& the Board of Directors
Hereinafter called the LEAD INSTRUCTOR
Corporation or Business Name___________________________________
Director /Business Owner/Responsible
Hereinafter called the HOST
The Host agrees to the terms and conditions of this contract as listed below:
· Provide a suitable classroom environment approved by the Lead Instructor.
· Provide equipment, which includes an overhead projector and screen, tables and chairs for students, and any other items that the Lead Instructor needs.
· Prepares and sets up the classroom as required by the Lead Instructor before students arrive.
· Be the point of contact for students and provide information on hotels, phone numbers, directions, or any other information the students need.
· Provide transportation and hotel arrangements as needed for the Class Instructors.
· Advertise in at least one exotic animal publication, such as Animal Finder’s Guide. A ¼ page ad in Animal Finders Guide is recommended.
· Collect registration fees from students.
· Refund registration fees to students if the course is canceled by the Host or the Lead Instructor for any reason. 
· Inform Students when they register that registration fees are nonrefundable if the student cancels or does not show up.
· Communicates all information concerning the course with the Lead Instructor.
The Lead Instructor will set a student registration deadline of approximately 35 days before the class date.  The Host will collect registration fees in full from students in whatever payment method is determined by the Host (personal checks, money orders, credit cards, etc).  When the deadline date arrives, the Host will inform the Lead Instructor how many students have registered and how much money has been collected.  The Lead Instructor will provide to the Host within 3 days after the deadline date, estimated expenses for student materials, instructor’s traveling expenses, and any other relevant expenses.  If the expenses exceed the collected registration amount, then the class will be canceled, and the Host is responsible for returning all funds in full to each student. The Host will be responsible for any advertising fees, any deposits made on a classroom, equipment, or any other expenses. If the expenses equal or exceed the collected registration amount, the class will be conducted as scheduled. The Lead Instructor will determine the number of Instructor(s) that will be needed for the class based on the number of students registered. The Host will then overnight funds in the form of a money order or cashiers check to the Instructors to cover their travel expenses and student materials. 
After the course is delivered, the Host will provide a written financial statement to the Lead Instructor within 14 days after the class.  This statement shall show all monies collected, all expenses paid, to include all receipts, and show the total profit.  Legitimate expenses pre-approved by the Lead Instructor include:
· Student Materials as approved by the Lead Instructor
· Instructor’s lodging, meals, airfare, car rental, or any other traveling expenses.
· Advertising fees
· Building or Room Rental
· Equipment Rental
· Postage for class related materials, such as mail outs to students or paperwork to Instructors.
· Provide lunch for students at a cost of no more than $10.00 per student.
· Any additional expenses incurred by the class, as approved by the Lead Instructor.

The Host and FCF, after all expenses have been paid, shall spilt any remaining profit, 50/50.  The Host shall include with the financial statement, a cashiers check for half the profit made out to Feline Conservation Federation. The financial statement and check should be sent to the Lead Instructor by registered mail via USPO within 14 days after the class.
This is a legal and binding contract.  By signing this contract, the Host agrees to the responsibilities herein this document.  The Host shall have their signature notarized and return the contract to the Lead Instructor prior to the class date being publicly announced.

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     NOTARY PUBLIC__________________________
The Director of Education, on behalf of Feline Conservation Federation, accepts this contract as signed by the Host.

     D of E:______________________________________
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     D of E:______________________________________

     NOTARY REPUBLIC__________________________