Feline Conservation Federation

Jungle Encounters

   The latest facility to be re-accredited by the FCF Accreditation Board is Jungle Encounters, owned and operated by Debi Willoughby. Jungle Encounters is an outreach wildlife educational service in Massachusetts.  The facility's focus is on wild cats and the ecosystems they depend upon. 
    The facility’s wild felines include a pair of bobcats and a Geoffroy’s cat, and also two domestic hybrids, a Savannah cat and a Bengal cat.
  Accreditation board chairperson Christa Donofrio expressed admiration for the facility saying, “The enclosures are great for the size of the felines and are well-built with a lot of emphasis on enrichment.”
    Jungle Encounters is situated on eight rural acres, offering plenty of privacy, and room for expansion. All of the cat habitats are enclosed by chain link perimeter fencing.
    Cat enclosures have both an outside area and a room inside a building. There are a variety of platforms, ramps and bunks giving the cats ample opportunities to enjoy elevated perspectives and opportunities to go vertical. Places for lounging and basking in the sun have been provided. There is also a “kitty” pool and deck area to cool off in on hot days. Enclosures are furnished with items geared towards the species’ physiological and psychological well-being.