Feline Conservation Federation

N.O.A.H. Feline Conservation Center

    The N.O.A.H. Feline Conservation Center, operated by Lynn and Bart Culver is the latest facility to be certified FCF Accredited.
    The Culvers acquired their first cougars over 22 years ago and their resident cougars are either remnants of a former breeding program or homeless pumas taken in.
    Today the Culver's emphasis is on breeding the small feline species. Over two-dozen enclosures and exercise habitats house serval, caracal, bobcat, Canada lynx and geoffroy's cat.

 Double-door entryways, or shift cages attach to every compound. Connecting squeeze cages facilitate medicating, examining, trapping and transporting their felines.
    The FCF Accreditation committee chair Doc Antle stated, "The N.O.A.H. Feline Conservation Center meets the standards of the FCF. The facility shows great improvement over time in habitat construction and habitat enrichment, especially for the small cats. The creativity and adaptation of the facility is very admirable. As a whole the facility is a great haven for its residents."


kitten cage