Feline Conservation Federation

No Injuries Documented

Animal Rights Group Secretly Films Exotic Animal Owners and Fails to Document Injuries Or Escapes

June 2006
The Feline Conservation Federation notes that the API undercover investigation documented no real danger to the public and produced an edited video that carefully avoids depicting human/animal interaction in a positive light.

In the summer and fall of 2005 the Animal Protection Institute undercover operatives investigated the danger associated with the keeping of exotic animals.
During a three month period dozens of pet owners and USDA licensed exhibitors in three states were targeted for their expose'.
According to this animal rights organization lobbying to prohibit the keeping of exotic animals, "Across the United States millions of exotic animals are kept captive" and they "pose grave dangers to human health and safety".
The API goal was to use hidden cameras and edit the footage to make owners and animals appear dangerous and use it to further animal rights propaganda.
To accomplish this task two API investigators posed as European exotic animal owners wanting to visit the US. They struck up Internet friendships on various exotic animal chat lists.
Many in the exotic animal community graciously shared their animals with the travelers. Owners spoke candidly and gave their colleagues 'insider' tours to make their visit memorable.
The selectively edited footage in this API expose' is combined with ominous music and dubbed voice-overs to manipulate the viewer and give false impressions.
For example, the video depicts a very friendly bobcat leaping onto the owner's shoulders for affection, but the narrator described the interaction as an attack.
In another instance, the guests were given a tour of a large primate enclosure, but chose to only show footage of a lemur visibly upset at their presence, as the narrator criticizes the small enclosure that contained it. API failed to truthfully explain that the lemur was only being temporarily isolated for treatment of a medical condition.
Mostly what the video illustrated was the API philosophical objection to love and trust shared between people and exotic animals.
Despite these two activists being exposed to more exotic animals and having more close encounters with them during several months of travel than the average person has in their lifetime, none of the API investigators were injured and no escapes or serious mishaps occurred.
The Feline Conservation Federation is the nation's original non-profit organization dedicated to responsible captive husbandry. FCF notes that API has done a groundbreaking investigation and produced an edited video that carefully avoids depicting human/animal interaction in a positive light.
What is especially apparent is that the API video effort failed in its mission to uncover and document public injury or animal escapes.