Feline Conservation Federation

Panther Ridge Conservation Center

  FCF Accreditation Committee approved Panther Ridge Conservation Center as being an FCF Accredited Facility. Panther Ridge is a lush sub-tropical home for endangered felines that offers guided educational tours by appointment. Judy Berens, founder and manager, has been handling exotic felines since the early 1990's.
    Enclosures are constructed using chain link and metal posts. Innovative designs incorporate peaked roofs for added height; structures made of wood and logs, and liberal use of elevated loafing platforms.
    Enrichment items include hard plastic tunnels and cardboard carpet tubes. Select treats are hidden up in the trees inside the enclosures. Natural toys are given to the cats to play with, such as pumpkins. Ornamental grasses, and plenty of trees and bushes inside the enclosures provide a safe source of shade, hiding places and fragrance. The Center's two jaguars have their own pool.
    The newer enclosures are built using the black vinyl-coated chain link. The cats have both dogloos and custom built wooden houses, giving them a choice of dens.

chain link fencing

jaguars in pool