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Feline Facility Accreditation

Feline Conservation Federation Facility Accreditation

FCF Facility Accreditation is available to all FCF members, from single feline owners to large-scale feline breeders, exhibitors and sanctuaries. FCF accreditation certifies excellent standards in feline facility and management practices.  A safe, healthy cat is a direct product of good management, responsible husbandry, and continued learning. 

Accreditation provides a seal of approval that the facility meets or exceeds the standards and is qualified to provide a safe and productive home for their cats.

In developing its accreditation program, the FCF has been especially concerned with the need for assuring high standards of animal care, husbandry, and protection of the animals and of the public. We believe that this objective is essential in the operation of collections of felines, and that good conscience permits no higher priority.

The FCF Accreditation Committee oversees the FCF Accreditation process.  This is a group of five FCF members, appointed by the FCF Board of Directors, who are very knowledgeable and experienced in the practice of captive wild feline management.  

If you are interested in applying for accreditation for your feline facility you must first be a member of the Feline Conservation Federation. To join FCF please use the convenient online form at Join Us.  

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