Feline Conservation Federation

Ruaha Carnivore Project

November 2015

    FCF has made a $1,000 conservation donation to the Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), Ruaha Carnivore Project. This is the second time the FCF has supported the Ruaha Carnivore Project. This donation is directed towards African leopard conservation.
    Tanzania’s Ruaha Carnivore Project has made significant headway in terms of collecting baseline data on large carnivore populations in Ruaha, training local researchers, disseminating information, mitigating human-carnivore conflict and improving local capacity around Ruaha National Park, and will continue this important work.
    The main goals are: (1) To provide data on large carnivore distribution, relative abundance and ecology across the Ruaha landscape, including both protected and unprotected land; (2) To reduce the costs and improve the benefits associated with living alongside carnivores for local people, thereby reducing human-carnivore conflict in this critically important area; and (3) To improve conservation knowledge among local communities, and improve capacity among Tanzanian researchers to help them build their careers in wildlife conservation.