Feline Conservation Federation

Safety Net Sends 2 tigers to Mystic Jungle

March 2016
    The most recent call for help was by Mystic Jungle, which had agreed to take in two tigers from another Florida facility. The tigers, Lepa and Bo, belonged to a Florida couple, Steve Sipek and Melanie Boynes, but the couple had been denied their Florida Class I license renewal and their big cats had to move to a licensed facility.
    Melanie’s relationship with the sanctuary owner had deteriorated, and she was no longer welcome to visit her cats. Mystic Jungle agreed to give the two tigers a new home and allow the couple to visit whenever they wished. 
    A $1000 Wildcat Safety Net grant helped defray the transportation expenses of picking up cage panels and the two tigers and transporting the materials and cats to the Live Oak facility.
FCF Executive Director Lynn Culver says, “It’s a great feeling to not only help move two tigers and unite the cats with their owners, instead of separating them, as has happened in previous Safety Net Grants.”
    The Wildcat Safety Net now needs financial support so that it holds emergency funds for future needs. Make your tax-deductible donation on the FCF website under the Support FCF page.  Thank you.