Feline Conservation Federation

Safety Net Success Stories

     As of 2015, the FCF Wildcat Safety Net Fund has paid for the transport of 66 tigers, three leopards and a cougar. All of these cats had lost their current homes and were in dire need of relocation. In each situation, the receiving sanctuary had empty enclosures, and could commit to the extra food and care these needy animals would require. But the actual cost of transporting the cats to the new facilities needed financial asssitance. FCF and its members came to the rescue to see that these cats reached their new homes in a timely manner.
    To read more about these Wildcat Safety Net funded transports, click on the links below.

Safety Net Sends 2 Tigers to Mystic Jungle

Safety Net funds Turpentine Creek transport of 28 Riverglen tigers

Safety Net funds Catty Shack Wildlife Sanctuary transport of six Lakewood Zoo tigers

Safety Net funds Exotic Feline Rescue Center transport of 13 tigers from Wild Animal Orphanage

Safety Net funds Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue and Educational Center transport of Hoffman's two tigers, three leopards and cougar

Safety Net funds Serenity Springs Wildlife Center transport of 15 tigers from Wesa-A-Geh-Ya Sanctuary

Safety Net funds Exotic Feline Rescue Center transport of two tigers from Ohio