Feline Conservation Federation

Six Tigers Rehomed from Wisconsin to Florida, Safety Net Fund Helps


February 21, 2013    

    In a time when tragic stories of animal abuse and neglect seem to dominate the media coverage, a success story about the rescue of six tigers is welcome news. In October of last year a call was received by FCF member facility, The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary, a 501 c (3) nonprofit big cat rescue in Jacksonville, FL. Due to a variety of governmental issues faced by Lakewood Zoo of Wisconsin, the difficult decision had been made by owner Casey Ludwig to close the zoo and place out the animals.
    According to Assistant Director Kim Kyle, Catty Shack's policy is that,  "We do not compromise the animals that we have already committed to care for to make room for new rehomes/rescues", however, after board deliberation it was determined that a new home could safely be offered for Lakewood Zoo's six tigers that are three 17-month-old females, and three, six-week-old tiger cubs.
    Two long-time Catty Shack volunteers, Curt and John, were sent on the 3,000-mile round-trip journey to rescue the six cats in January. The FCF Wildcat Safety Net grant of $1,000 for this rehoming helped to offset the cost of the trip; additional dedication by Catty Shack helped to prepare the cats' new habitat and build enclosures for the three cubs.
    The cats are now adjusting well to their new Florida home and warmer climate and are well loved by Catty Shack caregivers!