Feline Conservation Federation

Tiger World Tour

Friday August 24, 1pm

This tour is part of the annual FCF Conference in Charlotte, NC. Register for the three day event online with this link.
Stay at the FCF Conference Hotel the Hilton Charlotte Executive Park. Reserve your room before August 1 with this link.
    Don't miss the FCF Field Trip to Tiger World Endangered Wildlife Preserve which will offer professional advancement classes, up-close learning opportunities, and lunch in a wild setting.  You will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in a wide variety of animal related topics and participate in several hands-on experiences.

    Feline Nutrition and Veterinary Care
By Lea Jaunakais, President & Founder of Tiger World
Lea explains her research over the past decade on exotic feline husbandry including diet, vaccinations, birth control methods, voluntary veterinary procedures and much more.  A voluntary blood draw demonstration will take place at Xavier the leopard’s habitat.

    Emergency Response, Preparedness and Handling
By Jessica Williams Donovan, Animal Control Officer, & Lea Jaunakais
Learn about safety equipment and proper handling techniques for responding to various emergency response situations.  Discover the signs of a distressed animal and how to approach; gain knowledge about engineering and structural design of habitats for safe containment.  All of this information and more will be provided when Officer Donovan discusses what it really takes to respond in an emergency situation.

    Operant Conditioning Training – Masters class
By Erin Carey, Director of Wildlife
A voluntary blood draw will be demonstrated at Xavier the leopard’s habitat including several other voluntary husbandry behaviors. After the Xavier session Erin will be breaking down operant conditioning training techniques giving specific examples of how to utilize each method in unison to create a well-balanced training environment. For those individuals signed up for the Master’s Class with our Lion Cubs, participants will be learning how to deliver a cue, bridge a behavior, reinforce wanted behaviors and deter unwanted behaviors before they become habits.

    Raptor Husbandry and Handling
By Carolina Raptor Center - Kristin Dean, Husbandry and Acquisitions Manager, Colleen Roddick, Training Coordinator, and Jayna Saltrick, Husbandry Assistant
Watch as master falconers demonstrate safe and proper restraint of a female Eurasian Eagle Owl for her annual physical exam including administering medication and coping/clipping techniques for raptors. Trainers teach about proper equipment maintenance and application for birds large to small.  Then have an opportunity to meet a Golden Eagle face to face.

    Establishing Quarantine Protocols for Sensitive Species
By Liz Doiron, Animal Care & Vet Specialist, and Rachael Greer, Wildlife Behavior & Husbandry Specialist
Macropods are extremely sensitive to toxoplasmosis and coccidiosis; due to the high volume of felids residing within Tiger World it is imperative to establish strict quarantine protocols to avoid cross contamination. During this interactive opportunity you will learn about the spread of zoonotic disease and preventive measures.
    In addition to these comprehensive educational classes that will expand your knowledge base, Tiger World is offering free admission to all FCF families during regular business hours August 20th - August 26th, however to better serve all FCF conference attendees Tiger World will be closed on Friday August 25th to anyone under the age of 18 or anyone not participating in the onsite classes. So apply your sunscreen, top off that reusable water bottle and get ready for a ROARING good time at the zoo.