Feline Conservation Federation

Vincent DiMaggio

    Vincent DiMaggio is the latest FCF member to have his facility accredited. Vincent is licensed by the Arkansas Department of Fish and Game to hold mountain lions. Vincent was one of the last people in the state to be approved for puma before G & F closed its doors to new permits. Vincent's enclosure is a sturdy structure measuring 20 feet by 40 feet and eight feet high. Vincent used 4-gauge welded 4 by 4 Barker panels U-nailed to 4 by 4 treated wooden posts. The panels and posts are dug into the ground two feet and set in concrete. The roof is constructed of treated 2 by 6 beams.
    The cougar den is built of  plywood surrounded by thin brick insuring a sturdy thermal mass structure. Inside the cage is a custom-built rock pool and waterfall. Attached to the exterior wall is a 4 by 8 by 4-foot tall wood framed box covered in the same Barker panels. A slide gate controls access to this trap so that feline can be locked inside if need be.
    Vincent has the double-door entryway padlocked shut and the 8-foot tall welded wire perimeter fence surrounds the cage at a distance of 10 feet in the front and 5 feet on the sides of and behind the enclosure.

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