Feline Conservation Federation

Wild Florida Accredited

    Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park in Kenansville, Florida is the latest member to gain FCF facility accreditation. This “real Florida” 15 acre property, situated at the edge of Hawk swamp, has been developed into a wildlife exhibit to compliment the visitor’s airboat experiences. 
    The two feline species living at the park are bobcats and servals.  The Serval enclosure houses a pair of females, one being 7 and the other age 10. Keepers have target trained them and use clickers to get these girls to jump to surfaces.
    This serval exhibit is 42 feet by 10 feet wide and is 9.5 feet tall.  It has a roof of 1x1 inch wire, and the walls are constructed of 2x6 pressure treated wood.
    The bobcats, Duke and Duchess live in a 36 by 11 foot enclosure 10.5 feet tall. Wall fabric is welded wire with 1.5 inch openings. The framing is built with large poles, and the wire is stapled together with B gage staples. A base about 2 foot high is built from 2x6 pressure treated wood. Recent construction of an additional 10 foot by 10 foot area is complete and it will be the birthing den next spring when the pair is old enough to mate. For now however, it is a novel environment for the pair to explore and occupy.
    Both feline enclosures have wiring on the ground to prevent digging. Both have safety catch double door systems with a guillotine area built for the cats all made out of 2x6 pressure treated wood. The guillotine door opens and closes with a wire cable pulley system.  Each enclosure also has fans for ventilation, partial shade roofs, elevated surfaces, and ponds in their enclosures. Kylie says the servals will play with the fish but only eat them at night when nobody’s looking. Both feline species have been taught to go to their station and stay, and shift into shift boxes for medical examines. Fortunately none of the felines have any medical conditions at this time.