Feline Conservation Federation

Wildlife & Environmental Conservation

    Patty Perry founded Wildlife and Environmental Conservation, Inc. (WEC) after years of practicing raptor rehabilitation at the Ojai Raptor Center, which treats over 1,500 native birds annually.
    The WEC facility relocated from Ojai, to Moorpark, California in 2009. In addition to the many species of owls, hawks, eagle and falcons, are exotic felines. Conservation education of school age children is the major focus of WEC and Patty presents programs to schools and churches, and also does community outreach and private programs.
    For Accreditation Board member Ron Young, one of the focal points of the WEC application was how much room was provided the tigers. Ron says, "I have worked at six different zoos and Patty provided her tigers more room than Busch Gardens in Florida does for their tigers."
   The WEC facility consists of 12 lovely acres and the entire property is fenced using 8-foot tall chain link, with additional security provided by surveillance cameras throughout. WEC's serval and Siberian lynx share a 22-foot wide by 72-foot long enclosure. Inside this spacious habitat are lemon trees for shade, and an elevated platform with cathouse built on top. The ground is covered with chain link and five inches of sand lay on top. The cats' feeding area is sheltered under a 10-foot by 20-foot solid roof.

 For the tigers, a pair of 20-foot by 30-foot retreat enclosures connects to a 10,000 square foot communal exercise habitat. The retreats are 9-guage-chain link, 14-feet tall, and completely covered with solid aluminum roofing over steel purloins. Concrete feeding slabs and automatic waterers are provided. Above the large exercise habitat are mister systems and fly spray systems. The tigers have their own platform and cat condos. A pair of metal 10-foot water troughs gives the tigers access to water for soaking and play.