Feline Conservation Federation

Zuzana Kukol & Scott Shoemaker

    Safety and security is paramount. According to FCF accreditation committee member, Karl Mogenson, "It is a pleasure to welcome to the fold, outstanding people like Zuzana Kukol and Scott Shoemaker, who obviously have a great deal of knowledge and have done everything right." He sums it up with, "Their facility is a fine example of how to properly provide for large and small cat species."
    Scott Shoemaker and partner Zuzana Kukol have constructed habitats for large and small cat species and wolves at their facility in Pahrump, Nevada. Presently feline species they care for are tigers, a lion, a cougar, and bobcat, ocelot and serval.

Their facility is state licensed by Nevada to posses the native species, puma and bobcat. The 10-acre property is completely perimeter fenced with 8-foot chain link with recurves above. Safety and security is paramount so Zuzana explains, "the perimeter fence has electric hot wires installed at the top and six inches above the ground level to discourage any burrowing attempts from wildlife."
    The small cat species enclosures are about 400 square feet and completely roofed. The lion and tigers enjoy compounds ranging from 7,000 to 9,000 square feet. These panthera species are safely contained behind walls of either 6 or 9 gauge chain link fence, 12-foot tall, with double recurves at top. These habitats have electric hot wires attached to the top of the wall. 
While the desert does not naturally lend itself to lush plant life, using supplemental irrigation Zuzana and Scott have encouraged a variety of plants to thrive, providing natural shade and creating welcome relief from the summer sun.
    Enclosure roofs are covered with dried plant material, such as dried palm plants, and several habitats have umbrella structures and shade cloth to cast shadows. All the roofs are plumbed with overhead misters to cool the air, and inside the enclosures are hammocks, houses, platforms and boulders that provide enrichment, comfortable resting areas and protection from the summer sun. For the water loving tigers, are swimming pools, some built in-ground, some are metal stock tanks above ground.
    Zuzana and Scott feed a variety of meats, including poultry parts, pork roasts, and beef. They also add variety by processing horses for meat for the cats. Regular use of vitamins and calcium supplements round out the diet.

bobcat enclosure



tiger compound from balcony