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Every other month FCF members enjoy reading the award winning Journal. Join today and you can too!

    The Feline Conservation Federation's bi-monthly Journal is a unique mix of member submitted articles on captive husbandry of feline species,  and human/feline relationships, FCF events and accomplishments, combined with reports from the field from FCF supported conservation researchers.
    Each issue is packed with feline photos, commentary, and the latest news on legislation and regulation proposals. There is no other publication that combines such a distinctive and informative view of the world of wildcats and their caregivers.
    On November 11, 2007 at the Cat Writer's Association annual convention, in Foster City, California the FCF Journal was awarded the coveted Muse Medallion as Best Membership or Regional Newsletter. A CWA Judge remarked, "The FCF Journal is incredibly well put together publication. The content just blows me away."
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