Feline Conservation Federation

Conservation Grants

The Conservation Grants Program is temporally suspended. Please check back after August 2018 when we expect to begin accepting applications again. Thank you.

       FCF Conservation Grants and the financial support of individual FCF members goes to proposals that improve feline conservation through local education, programs that reduce or mitigate human/feline conflicts, and the monitoring and in-depth studies of wild cats that aid in the conservation of the species. Any proposals seeking FCF consideration should specifically address the conservation value of the project. Although priority is given to threatened species according to the IUCN Red List ranking, other wild cat species will also considered.
    Because survival of a species is best achieved in the wild, FCF support is contingent on establishing in-situ field programs in parallel with captive programs. Species of interest to FCF include the Andean cat, Bay cat, Clouded leopard, Fishing cat, Flat-headed cat, Geoffroy's cat, Guigna, Pampas cat, Margay and Marbled cat.
    The Conservation Committee receives grant application proposals submitted to the FCF.  The Committee evaluates submissions and recommends grants to those proposals that match FCF goals.
     FCF's current conservation projects budget is set by the board of directors annually. Substantial additional funding to specific projects is also provided by FCF members and through your donations to the FCF Conservation Grants Fund. If you are currently working in the feline conservation field and are interested in applying for an FCF Conservation grant, please fill out a grant application and submit it by email to the Conservation Grants Committee.
    The FCF Conservation Committee reviews grant application proposals submitted to FCF.  A Conservation Grant Committee will evaluate submissions and award grants to those proposals that match FCF goals.  

  Conservation Grants awarded by the Feline Conservation Federation

    FCF grants $2,850 to Tsavo Cheetah Project

     FCF Awards Grant to Cheetah Conservation Botswana

    FCF Donates to Ruaha Carnivore Project for leopard conservation

     FCF Awards Grant to Tsavo Cheetah Project
     FCF Donates to Fishing Cat Conservancy

     FCF Funds Bengal Tiger Conservation

     FCF Awards Grant for Research and Conservation in Tanzania's Ruaha Landscape

     FCF Grants Funding to Study Ecology of Guina in Chile

     Conservation Grant Awarded for Margay Research

     FCF Supports Andean Cat Conservation Center

     FCF Awards Grant for Conservation of Guigna in Chile

     FCF Awards Grants for Geoffroy's Cat Conservation in Argentina

     FCF Supports Field Survey in Central Vietnam

    FCF Supports DNA Survey of Felids in Paraguay

    FCF Funds Chilean Rescue Facility

    FCF Co-Managed RSF Supports Niassa Lion Project in Mozambique

    FCF Co-Managed RSF Continues Leopard and Cheetah Conservation

    FCF Co-Managed RSF supports PAAZAB at Sponsor Level

     FCF Co-Managed RSF Aids Endangered Wildlife Trust

     FCF Co-Managed RSF helps with Carnivore Conservation in Thailand

     Native Predators and Livestock supported by FCF's RSF

     FCF Co-Managed Rare Species Fund