Feline Conservation Federation

Annual Convention

    The Feline Conservation Federation holds its annual convention in June or July.  This annual event is a mixture of education and entertainment as well as an opportunity for members to participate in the FCF on the national level.
    Convention begins on a Thursday and concludes Saturday night. Prior to the start of Convention, the FCF conducts its educational courses on Wednesday. Those wishing to take a course must register for them separately.
    Members are asked to submit items to the membership meeting agenda. This gives everyone, whether they are able to attend the convention or not, the opportunity to give input. At the general membership meeting, these topics are brought up for input and discussion from those present.    
    The FCF Board of Directors also conducts its annual board meeting.   All FCF members are welcome to attend.
    Besides the business conducted at convention, it is also a great opportunity to meet other FCF members. There is ample time allocated for social mixing and networking.  Friday is devoted to tours of local zoos or feline facilities. Plenty of educational speakers are scheduled to present talks on captive feline husbandry, wild feline conservation projects and various regulatory, social and veterinary topics.
    The location of the convention varies from year to year, making it possible for members around the country to attend as this gathering moves from city to city.
    The banquet held Saturday evening followed by the fund raiser auction. Members and supporters donate items to raise funds for the Feline Conservation Federation.  Auction donations are displayed for silent auction throughout the convention, with a few chosen items auctioned off live Saturday night to the highest bidder. Besides being a source of funding for the FCF projects and conservation interests, the auction is a lot of fun and a highlight of the convention weekend.


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