Feline Conservation Federation

Statement of Purpose

    The Feline Conservation Federation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to conserve wild felines through preservation, education and research. The Feline Conservation Federation furthers the conservation of felid species through the efforts of our members who seek knowledge of these wondrous felines and promote conservation and captive propagation programs.
    Whereas governments and other conservation organizations focus on preservation of the species in the wild, FCF seeks to function as insurance, encouraging breeding of those felines often neglected in zoological collections due to their special requirements. Captive management of feline genetics insures that although threatened and endangered in the wild, feline species will be preserved and, if needed, can be used for repopulation programs if later circumstances warranted.
    The Feline Conservation Federation believes individuals can, through captive breeding programs and record keeping, contribute greatly to man's knowledge of these creatures and their preservation. We maintain the individual's right to own and propagate these animals in accordance with sound management practices. The Feline Conservation Federation is dedicated to the preservation of these rights and the enhancement of these efforts through education and an open exchange of ideas and information among its members.