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Without the support of FCF members and the public, the federation could not award FCF Conservation Grants for field research, or provide assistance to cats in need through our Wildcat Safety Net Fund, or improve feline welfare with FCF Husbandry Courses and safeguard available captive habitat for exotic felines through our Conservation Awareness materials for Legislators and Regulatory bodies.

Please be generous in your support of the federation. FCF needs your help to continue protecting the cats!

Thank you for supporting Feline Conservation Federation! Your generous gift allows us to continue our work. The FCF, as a 501 c 3, Not for Profit Corporation and your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. We will provide you with a receipt for your records. If you have any questions about donating online, please send us an email or call our treasurer Lynn at 479-394-5235.

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Corporations and organizations offer programs to employees that match charitable contributions, either whole or in part. In some cases, gifts from spouses, directors, and retired employees are also eligible for a match. To find out if a matching gift program is available where you work, check with your company’s Human Resources, Finance, or Payroll department. Then please forward your employer’s matching gift form, along with your donation to:


Feline Conservation Federation
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