Feline Conservation Federation

Wildcat Safety Net Fund

    The importance of assisting in the relocation of wild felines cannot be understated. Many times it is a life or death matter; owners lose their homes or an animal facility closes, or a medical or family emergency renders owners unable to provide proper care and maintain their captive habitat.
    When this happens, sometimes the original owners are not even able to  transport their animals to another facility. And facilities with empty enclosure space willing and able to provide homes for displaced cats, sometimes do not have available funds to cover the expenses of transportation to pick up and transport these needy felines.
    To help individual felines in need of relocation, the FCF created the Wildcat Safety Net, which is a fund that awards financial assistance, up to $1000, to aid in the emergency relocation and transportation of cats in crisis.

   The FCF Wildcat Safety net Fund is available in the case of animal abandonment, seizure by a legal agency, illegally owned and surrendered animals, or an animal owner no longer being able to provide adequate care due to changes in life circumstances.

Read Wildcat Safety Net Success Stories about felines helped by the FCF Wildcat Safety Net Fund. 

    If you need assistance to transport an exotic feline to a new location and wish to apply to the Feline Conservation Federation's Wildcat Safety Net for a grant to cover expenses, please download this Wildcat Safety Net Grant application (you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to download this form) and fill out the form and e-mail the scanned form to WildcatSafetyNet@felineconservation.org

The Wildcat Safety Net Fund may be awarded for any of the following purposes:

* emergency veterinary care and medications
* appropriate food and water for animals at risk
* transport of the animal(s) to a new, permanent  home or approved temporary home
* emergency repair of caging/shelter to ensure human safety, animal containment and  
* construction of temporary housing at an interim or receiving location
* housing and basic expenses for a volunteer(s) to remain on site in a situation where
   human safety or animal welfare may otherwise be at risk

The Wildcat Safety Net may not be awarded for any of the following purposes:

* temporary care and support of an animal that will remain in the same circumstances
* veterinary care or medication for an animal not being rehomed
* repairs to caging or shelters for an animal not being rehomed
* permanent housing construction at a receiving location
* long-term support of a rehomed animal, animal owner or caregiver
* fundraising to directly benefit a specific owner or receiving location

    To keep the Wildcat Safety Net Fund solvent, the FCF Board of Directors has developed a program to raise money to assist in the transport and emergency care of felines in crisis.  Sales from the FCF website store generate assistance for this Fund, as well as donations from members and concerned feline supporters like you.

    Click here to Donate to the Wildcat Safety Net Fund using Paypal. For donations of $30.00 you may choose from one of three different colored pencil drawing prints. Pick the Snow leopard, the White tiger, or the Black panther by artist Teri Zucksworth. Each print is 18 inches by 24 inches and ready for matting and framing. Make your selection, and indicate in your Paypal notes your choice and be sure to include your mailing address.