Board of Directors

President Mindy Stinner

Mindy Stinner co-founded the Conservators Center in 1999 with a focus on wild felids and other small carnivores. The Center, located in Mebane, NC, is an educational wildlife park with a mission to reconnect people with wildlife.  As part of launching the Conservators Center, Mindy trained with the NC State Animal Response Team in 2000, and has been participating in zoo-oriented safety and preparedness training for the past two decades. Ms. Stinner has previously served FCF as Vice President, Director of Conservation and editor of the FCF Journal, and has been updating and teaching the Wild Feline Husbandry Couse since 2003.


Vice President Julia Wagner

Julia Wagner launched Coalition Solutions, which provides information to varied business and industry groups on state and federal legislative and regulatory matters pertaining to exotic animal ownership; my focus is on precision of word use and definitions, statistics, and the true implications of proposed legislation and regulation.  Julia has been member of the Secure Zoo Working Group (SZWG) since its inception in 2014, and serve as a consultant for the Zoo and Aquarium All-Hazards Preparedness Center (ZAHP) Fusion Center, a program funded by the USDA and operated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The Fusion Center aims to bridge the gap in communication between the managed wildlife community and the emergency management sector by developing tailored materials and better networking relevant stakeholders.



Secretary Phyllis Parks

Phyllis Parks is a graduate of Judson College, Marion, AL.  She has resided in Vero Beach, FL for 29 years, with husband Jim and son Steve.   For the past two decades she has volunteered at Central Florida Animal Reserve. Currently she is Facility Manager and Events Coordinator as well as the senior handler for that organization, responsible for the care of lions, tigers, cougars and leopards.




Treasurer Dawn Strasser

Dawn Strasser is the Head Keeper of Neonatal Care & Quarantine Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, and Hand-Rearing Resource Center Advisor.  She holds a BS degree in Business Management from College of Mount Saint Joseph. She began working at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in 1983 primarily with neonates (25 species of cats alone). A recognized leader in the zoo community, Dawn has been a founding member of the  local AAZK chapter, International Rhino Keeper Association, and ABMA. Dawn is also a member of NAG (Nutritional Advisory Group) and an advisor for Hand-Rearing Resource Center.


Director Chris Tromborg

Chris Tromborg, PhD, teaches animal psychology at the University of California, Davis. He has worked for over 40 years for the protection of wild mountain lions and bobcats in California; and also for the preservation of free-living cheetahs, snow leopards, and tigers. Mr. Tromborg has served as a member of the AZA’s “Animal Care and Husbandry Advisory Board (Feline TAG).” He is a published author of several studies focusing on behavioral enrichment for captive animals in zoos, including felines.



Director Brian Braitsch

Brian Braitsch is a Central Floridian, with 17 years of professional zoological experience working with wild felines, dolphins, small mammals, reptiles, and a variety of other species.  Brian holds a master’s in Education and has worked in AZA accredited zoos, nonprofit sanctuaries, and science centers.  Brian founded Amazing Animals Inc., a 501©3 nonprofit exotic animal sanctuary and educational facility and serves as its executive director. He is also the Manager of a science museum and responsible for it’s living collection of over 300 animals.



Director Billie Lambert

Billie began working with small and medium sized exotic cats while on active duty in the Air Force in 2008. After completing her military career in 2008 she began working at a local zoo and quickly rose to be one of the head large cat keepers(lions, tigers, jaguars).  After 5 years as the big cat keeper, Billie decided to work full time at home with her private collection of 8 servals and 2 caracals.