The FCF Husbandry Course was developed in response to a critical gap: the diminishing pool of expertise in the husbandry of both large and small felids, exacerbated by the frequent turnover of zoo personnel. Recognizing this urgent need, the FCF launched the course as a comprehensive platform for knowledge transfer, targeting both management and keeper staff. Designed to be dynamic, the course continuously evolves, integrating the latest insights and innovative methodologies for effective knowledge sharing.

Covering a broad spectrum of husbandry practices, the curriculum delves into natural history, safety protocols for humans and animals, habitat management, reproductive strategies, and behavioral management. It also addresses vital topics such as veterinary care, enrichment techniques, neonatal care, and nutrition, ensuring a holistic approach to felid care.Interactive lectures, active student participation, and practical exercises enrich the learning experience, fostering direct application of theoretical knowledge.

The faculty, drawing from a wealth of experience across diverse institutions, brings invaluable insights and decades of felid husbandry expertise to the classroom, making this course an indispensable resource for preserving and enhancing the care of these magnificent creatures.

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