The FCF represents the interests of its members before the U.S. Congress and federal agencies that regulate and provide support to wild felid owners in the US.  As part of our public policy agenda, the FCF seeks to ensure protection and reasonable regulation of wild felid ownership, management and movement.  The FCF also seeks to raise the profile of the services we provide, including our impact on public awareness and conservation efforts, to help ensure our ability to deliver these services.

Periodically throughout the legislative year, the FCF shares legislative updates with its membership which offer a detailed look at federal legislation—both pending and enacted—that are of particular interest to our members.

Watch this space for updates, and be sure to read the FCF Newsletter, which will include articles about federal, state and local regulation, state level legislation, and other relevant issues.

On January 6, 2021, Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) introduced the Big Cat Safety Act in the 117th session of Congress. The bill, HR211, is supported by FCF.