FCF members have been involved with both in-situ and ex-situ conservation for decades. FCF members are active participants of captive breeding programs, FCF educators spread awareness about wild cat species, and FCF exhibitors raising funds for active conservation projects.

The FCF organization furthers conservation of wild felines in nature by awarding conservation grants to researchers and wildlife managers in the field. Over the past twenty years FCF has contributed to over $50,000 in grants.

FCF Conservation Grants and the financial support of individual FCF members goes to proposals that improve feline conservation through local education, programs that reduce or mitigate human/feline conflicts, and the monitoring and in-depth studies of wild cats that aid in the conservation of the species. Any proposals seeking FCF consideration should specifically address the conservation value of the project. Although priority is given to threatened species according to the IUCN Red List ranking, other wild cat species will also considered.

Survival of a species is best achieved in the wild, FCF support is contingent on establishing in-situ field programs in parallel with captive programs. Species of interest to FCF include the Andean cat, Bay cat, Clouded leopard, Fishing cat, Flat-headed cat, Geoffroy’s cat, Guigna, Pampas cat, Margay and Marbled cat.

The Conservation Committee receives grant application proposals submitted to the FCF.  The Committee evaluates submissions and recommends grants to those proposals that match FCF goals.

FCF’s current conservation projects budget is set by the board of directors annually. Substantial additional funding to specific projects is also provided by FCF members and through your donations to the FCF Conservation Grants Fund. If you are currently working in the feline conservation field and are interested in applying for an FCF Conservation grant, please fill out a grant application and submit it by email to the Conservation Grants Committee.

The FCF Conservation Committee reviews grant application proposals submitted to FCF.  A Conservation Grant Committee will evaluate submissions and award grants to those proposals that match FCF goals.

Organization Support Description Grant Year
Fauna Andina Effect on Puma activity close to humans. $2000 2021
Instituto Pró-Carnívoros Ecosanitary relationships between wildcats and free-ranging domestic cat in southernmost Brazil $2000 2021
Instituto Curicaca Living on the edge: spatial and feeding ecology of jaguars in Turvo State Park $2000 2021
Belize wild cats Monitoring Maya Forest Wildlife Corridor wildlife re-introduction $1800 2020
Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers​​ Member conservation fundraiser for world tiger day $500 2020
Cheetah Conservation Botswana Support the ongoing training and care of four livestock guarding dogs. $1,000 2020
Cheetah Conservation Botswana Support the ongoing training and care of four livestock guarding dogs. $1,000 2019
Cheetah Conservation Botswana Support the ongoing training and care of four livestock guarding dogs. $1,000 2018
Tsavo Cheetah Project To fund the vehicle running costs associated with the hiring of two additional cheetah scouts and the printing of a year’s supply of educational materials for schools and communities. $2,850 2017
Cheetah Conservation Botswana Support the initial training and care of four livestock guarding dogs. $1,000 2016
Ruaha Carnivore Project Collecting baseline data on large carnivore populations in Ruaha, training local researchers, disseminating information, mitigating human-carnivore conflict and improving local capacity around Ruaha National Park. $1,000 2015
Tsavo Cheetah Project Support studying the Cheetah Population for Implementation of Conservation Measures for Their Survival, in Tsavo, Kenya. $2,400 2015
Fishing Cat Conservancy Enabling capacity-building training on wildlife camera-based monitoring of fishing cats. $2,100 2014
Wildlife Conservation Society, India Facilitate wildlife and nature conservation by providing reliable information and the tools needed to meet the ecological needs of wildlife populations in decline, and to the recovery and expansion of their habitats. $500 2014
Small Cat Conservation Alliance Effective conservation actions will be formulated and conducted based upon research that studies the effects of the native people’s consumption of viscachas, the principal prey of the Andean cat, the effects of mining activities, global warming, and the introduction of exotic species into the pristine ecosystem. $15,000 2013
Guigna Conservation To support an educational program and mitigating conservation activities to diminish cat-human conflict in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve in Chile $1,500 2011
Marianela Velilla Perform non-invasive methods of DNA testing of collected fecal samples to determine the number of individuals and species present in the Chaco of central Paraguay. $800 2011
Dr Gerardo Acosta-Jamett Study the ecology and threats to the guiña in Chile. $1,000 2010
Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program’s For field survey for Marbled Cat and Clouded Leopard in the Ke Go-Khe Net lowlands of Central Vietnam. $800 2010
Andean Cat Conservation Center Will support the estimated $10,000 annual operating costs for the Andean Cat Conservation and Monitoring Center. $15,000 2009
Fauna Andina The funds will be used for conservation of native Chilean fauna. $3,400 2008
Margay Research Buy eight brand new UHF/GPS radiocollars. $5,000 2007