The Feline Conservation Foundation stands at the forefront of conservation efforts dedicated to preserving wild feline populations and their habitats.

Through a multifaceted approach encompassing fundraising, education, and advocacy, we strive to make a tangible difference in the fight to safeguard these majestic creatures for generations to come.

Central to our conservation strategy is our commitment to supporting in situ conservation projects. FCF provides vital funding to various flagship initiatives aimed at protecting endangered feline species and their habitats worldwide. Over the years, we have contributed over $50,000 to these projects, ensuring that crucial conservation efforts receive the support they need to thrive.

One of the highlights of our fundraising endeavors is our annual Felid Fest event. This traveling celebration brings together feline enthusiasts and conservation advocates from across Florida, uniting them in a day of festivities and fundraising. Held at different zoological facilities each year, Felid Fest provides a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with conservation efforts firsthand while enjoying interactive activities, educational presentations, and more. Through Felid Fest, we not only raise critical funds for our conservation partners but also raise awareness about the importance of protecting wild felines and their habitats.

OrganizationSupport DescriptionAmountYear
Kids saving the rainforestThe start of the Ocelot Project. Provide resources and materials to build a grow out habitat for an ocelot being rehabbed for future release.$25002024
Felines of the PampaEmergency grant to purchase 30 new game tail cameras damaged by unprecedented flooding in southern Brazil. $25002024
Rainforest awareness rescue education centerThe start of the Ocelot Project. Provide resources and materials to build a grow out habitat for an ocelot being rehabbed for future release. $25002024
Geoffroy’s Cat Working GroupFund several projects throughout Geoffroy’s cat home range$65002024
S.P.E.C.I.E.SMapping the distribution and status of jaguars across the international Gran Chaco. Preventing and mitigating human-jaguar conflict, reducing jaguar mortality due to depredation, and exploring alternative economic land uses.$50002023
Geoffroy’s Cat Working GroupRoad signs to mitigate car strikes in 5 home range country’s of the Geoffroy’s cat$65002023
Geoffroy’s Cat Working GroupMonitoring projects, camera traps, revitalize a local skate park with 5 wild feline cat species.$50002022
Fauna AndinaEffect on Puma activity close to humans.$20002021
Instituto Pró-CarnívorosEcosanitary relationships between wildcats and free-ranging domestic cat in southernmost Brazil$20002021
Instituto CuricacaLiving on the edge: spatial and feeding ecology of jaguars in Turvo State Park$20002021
Belize wild catsMonitoring Maya Forest Wildlife Corridor wildlife re-introduction$18002020
Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers​​Member conservation fundraiser for world tiger day$5002020
Cheetah Conservation BotswanaSupport the ongoing training and care of four livestock guarding dogs.$1,0002020
Cheetah Conservation BotswanaSupport the ongoing training and care of four livestock guarding dogs.$1,0002019
Cheetah Conservation BotswanaSupport the ongoing training and care of four livestock guarding dogs.$1,0002018
Tsavo Cheetah ProjectTo fund the vehicle running costs associated with the hiring of two additional cheetah scouts and the printing of a year’s supply of educational materials for schools and communities.$2,8502017
Cheetah Conservation BotswanaSupport the initial training and care of four livestock guarding dogs.$1,0002016
Ruaha Carnivore ProjectCollecting baseline data on large carnivore populations in Ruaha, training local researchers, disseminating information, mitigating human-carnivore conflict and improving local capacity around Ruaha National Park.$1,0002015
Tsavo Cheetah ProjectSupport studying the Cheetah Population for Implementation of Conservation Measures for Their Survival, in Tsavo, Kenya.$2,4002015
Fishing Cat ConservancyEnabling capacity-building training on wildlife camera-based monitoring of fishing cats.$2,1002014
Wildlife Conservation Society, IndiaFacilitate wildlife and nature conservation by providing reliable information and the tools needed to meet the ecological needs of wildlife populations in decline, and to the recovery and expansion of their habitats.$5002014
Small Cat Conservation AllianceEffective conservation actions will be formulated and conducted based upon research that studies the effects of the native people’s consumption of viscachas, the principal prey of the Andean cat, the effects of mining activities, global warming, and the introduction of exotic species into the pristine ecosystem.$15,0002013
Guigna ConservationTo support an educational program and mitigating conservation activities to diminish cat-human conflict in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve in Chile$1,5002011
Marianela VelillaPerform non-invasive methods of DNA testing of collected fecal samples to determine the number of individuals and species present in the Chaco of central Paraguay.$8002011
Dr Gerardo Acosta-JamettStudy the ecology and threats to the guiña in Chile.$1,0002010
Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program’sFor field survey for Marbled Cat and Clouded Leopard in the Ke Go-Khe Net lowlands of Central Vietnam.$8002010
Andean Cat Conservation CenterWill support the estimated $10,000 annual operating costs for the Andean Cat Conservation and Monitoring Center.$15,0002009
Fauna AndinaThe funds will be used for conservation of native Chilean fauna.$3,4002008
Margay ResearchBuy eight brand new UHF/GPS radiocollars.$5,0002007