Husbandry Course

The Husbandry Course, revitalized in 2021 into two distinct four-hour workshops, bridges the knowledge gap in feline husbandry, leveraging the extensive experience of diverse instructors to ensure the preservation and dissemination of vital felid care techniques to enthusiasts at all levels.

Beginner  Husbandry 

August 3, 2024 from 1-5PM EST

Perfect for people newer in the field, new keepers, students, interns and volunteers.

Course Objectives​:

  • Provide a brief overview of captive feline management in today’s world​
  • Prepare students to create a plan of care that includes health, nutrition, training, enrichment, and proper housing ​
  • Understand the importance of safety, regulation, and record keeping 

Advanced Husbandry

August 17, 2024 from 1-5PM EST

Perfect for people with at least 1 year experience working with felids. If you have less then one year experience you must take the Beginner Husbandry course as a prerequisite to the Advanced Husbandry course. 

Course Objectives​:

  • Understand the mental, physical, and psychological needs of the animals in our care  ​
  • Investigate common health issues in felines and ways to mitigate future problems ​
  • Provide resources to master public safety and perception when working with wild felines​