Contingency Planning Resources

Disaster and preparedness were focal points during 2018, as hurricanes, wildfires, and many other incidents impacted individuals, businesses, and animals across the country. The exotic animal industry was not spared, and while the response and collaboration among facilities and owners was extraordinary, it is clear that there is much we still have to do at the facility and industry levels. Your level of preparedness ultimately determines how successful your response and recovery will be, so it is critical to have plans in place in advance of disaster.

This FCF workshop is not intended to be a “how to” on building contingency plans. Instead, the speakers will hold a fast-paced interactive working group designed so you walk out with:

  • A list of resources on where to go to get help building a robust yet flexible contingency plan, and guidance on understanding how best to use those resources
  • A process to help you identify the risks your facility may face that require contingency plans
  • Information for you to take to your leadership, boards of directors, and key players that they will need to understand the contingency planning process, and their part in it
  • Guidance on how to identify and work with relevant governmental agencies, including local, county, state, and federal officials
  • An introduction to the Incident Command Structure (ICS), your role in it, and why it is vital you understand how it is used
  • A line of communication to the instructors for help and advice after the workshop

The goals of this workshop is to transfer knowledge that is not easily accessible through standard information channels, while maximizing what we can learn from one another within an interactive framework.

This course is traditionally offered at the start of annual Conference. Additionally, the course is offered at other times of the year in various locations. If you are interested in hosting this course at your facility, please contact us