Legislative Alerts

2017 Legislation
Jan 5, 2017

Updated 8/10/17

ALABAMA (RULE) Standards of Care for Wildlife Used for Public Exhibition Purposes Requires USDA license for Class I and II wildlife exhibits

Status: Adopted May 5 2017

ALABAMA (HB 172) Animals, required rabies vaccines for canidae or felidae, further provided for, possession of certain canidae or felidae, possession of certain large felidae or wolves, prohibited under certain conditions, penalties

Status: DEAD 

COLORADO (Citizen Petition) Recognizes ZAA as accrediting agency

Status: DENIED by agency

IDAHO (S 1051) Support Animals, public places 

Status: DEAD

INDIANA  (HB 1550) Exotic animals and endangered species.  Exempts domestically bred foreign endangered species and subspecies from the state endangered species laws. 

Status: DEAD

INDIANA (HB 1332) Dangerous wild animals.  Bans large cats, wolves, bears and hyenas.

Status: DEAD

IOWA (HF 107) A bill for an act providing for an Iowa individual income tax checkoff for qualified Iowa zoos, making an appropriation, and providing for the Act’s implementation 

Status: Referred to Ways & Means 1/25/17.  FAILED 2017. 

KANSAS (HB 2276/SB 162) Amending statutes concerning dangerous regulated animals

Status: FAILED 2017.

MAINE (SP 91) An Act To Require Permits for Wildlife in Captivity and Notification of the Escape of Exotic Wildlife in Captivity 

Status: Became law without governor’s signature as Chapter 285 on 7/5/2017

MASSACHUSETTS (S 490) An Act relative to wild and exotic animal performance prohibtion

Status: Referred to Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture 1/23/17.  Hearing 5/2

MISSISSIPPI (HB 536) Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; require to adopt regulations related to cage size for wild animals that consider size and weight of animals.

Status: DIED in committee 1/31/17

MISSOURI (SB 49) Allows St. Louis City and St. Louis, Jefferson, St. Charles and Franklin Counties to propose a 1/8th of a cent sales tax to fund the St. Louis Zoo

Status: Signed into law 7/10/17 – Effective 8/28/17

NEVADA (AB 238) Enacts provisions relating to the importation, possession, sale, transfer and breeding of dangerous wild animals.

Status:  FAILED committee Deadline.

NEW JERSEY  (A 430) Imposes certain registration and reporting requirements to prevent illegal trade of tigers

Status: Referred to Agriculture & Natural Resources 1/27/16.

NEW JERSEY (A 2591Imposes civil penalty for the exhibition or use in performance of a living bear, elephant, lion or tiger

Status: Referred to Agriculture & Natural Resources 2/8/16.

NEW JERSEY (S 323Requires liability insurance for permit to possess certain dangerous animals

Status: Referred to Commerce Committee 1/12/2016.

NEW YORK (S 276) Restricts the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses and shows

Status: Referred to Agriculture 1/4/17

NEW YORK (S 6283) Relates to prohibitions on certain circus performances

Status: FAILED 2017

NEW YORK (A 8157) Relates to prohibiting the issuance of permits authorizing the use of wild animals and elephants in circuses; excepts an accredited zoo and a wildlife sanctuary

Status: FAILED 2017

PENNSYLVANIA (SB 248) An Act amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in riot, disorderly conduct and related offenses, providing for the offense of use of live animals in traveling exhibitions

Status: Referred to Judiciary 1/27/17. Hearing 6/6

PENNSYLVANIA (HB 1273) An Act amending Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in permits relating to wildlife, further providing for definitions.

Status: Referred to Game and Fisheries 4/24/17

PENNSYLVANIA (HB 1489) An Act amending Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in special licenses and permits, further providing for the definition of “exotic wildlife.”

Status: Referred to Game and Fisheries 6/5/17

SOUTH CAROLINA (H 3531) Large Cats, Apes & Bears.  Bans them and removes ban on public contact with animals without an approved rabies vaccine.  

Status: Signed into law 5/11/17

TEXAS (RULE) Caging Requirements and Standards for Dangerous Wild Animals

Status: Posted 4/7/17

TEXAS (HB 2274/SB 1879) Relating to registration and regulation of dangerous wild animals; providing penalties, creating a criminal offense, and authorizing a fee

Status: DEAD

WASHINGTON (HB 1311) Creating a business and occupation tax deduction for certain amounts received by zoological facilities

Status: FAILED 2017

WEST VIRGINIA (HB 2218) Dangerous Wild Animals

Status: Signed into law 4/25/17

WEST VIRGINIA (HB 2248) Dangerous Wild Animals

Status: Signed into law 4/25/17