Legislative Alerts

Legislation for 2012
Feb 6, 2012

FEDERAL: Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act (HR 4122/S 3547)

HR 4122 Status: Referred to Natural Resources on 3/1/12. Referred to Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans, and Insular Affairs on 3/9.

S 3547: Introduced and referred to Committee on Environment and Public Works 9/13/2012.

FEDERAL: Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (HR 3359) bans shows with animals if they traveled in the last 15 days.

Status: Referred to Committee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry on 11/29/11. 

ARIZONA: Private Possession of Wildlife; Permits (HB2535)

Status: 2nd reading on 1/19/12.  DEAD

CALIFORNIA: Agency Rule: Restricted Species Permits and Inspections.

Status: Approved by OAL 8/31/2012.  Effective 7/1/2013.

ILLINOIS: Dangerous Animals Act of 2012 (SB 3264)

Status: Referred to Assignments 1/2/12.  Floor sessions concluded – essentially DEAD

ILLINOIS: Dangerous Animals – Seizure (HB 3457)

Status: Rules Committee 3/17/11. Floor sessions concluded – essentially DEAD

INDIANA: Dangerous Wild Animals (HB 1288)

Status: DEAD

INDIANA: Wild Animal Permits (HB 1179)

Status: DEAD

IOWA: Providing for the possession of cats classified as bengals and savannahs (SF 479)

Status: Passed Senate 3/15/11.  Passed House on 3/20/12 with amendment to remove savannahs.  FAILED

LOUISIANA: (SB 370) allows a representative from the entertainment industry to take, possess, and transport wild birds and wild quadrupeds within and from the state for entertainment purposes.

Status: Signed into law 6/5/2012

LOUISIANA: (HCR 6/SCR 16) � exempts ZAA from Potentially Dangerous Wild Quadrupeds, Big Exotic Cats, and Nonhuman Primates law. 

Status HCR 6: FAILED


MICHIGAN: (SB 210) exempt ZAA from Large Carnivore Act.

Status: Passed Senate. Passed House Agriculture Committee.

 MICHIGAN: Importation requirements for Large Carnivores (SB 703)

Status: Passed Senate. Passed House Agriculture Committee.

MISSOURI: Nonhuman Primate Act (SB 666) – bill changes presented before hearing amends the Large Carnivore Act to require USDA license

Status: DEAD  

NEBRASKA: (LB 64) regarding wildlife in captivity

Status: DEAD

NEW JERSEY: (A 2200/S 945) registration of tigers – Amendment 1 exempts AZA from microchip, Amendment 2 exempts USDA exhibitors in state less than 60 days, Amendment 3 makes several changes 

Status: A 2200 – Substituted by S 945

S 945 – Conditionally Vetoed by Governor 8/20.

NEW YORK: (A 9422/S 6826) regarding nonnative plants and animals.

Status: A 9422 signed into law 7/24/2012.

~ agency now developing a list of invasive species to ban

NEW YORK: Haley’s Act (SB 1307)

Status: Environmental Conservation 1/4/12.

NEW YORK: Protection of the public from attack by wild animal (S 2195)

Status: Agriculture 1/4/12.

NEW YORK: Relates to wild and exotic animal protection (A 10041/S 7078) prohibits the release of a wild or exotic animal.

Status: A 10041 – Signed into law 8/1.  

S 7078 – Substituted with A 10041 B. 

OHIO: Dangerous wild animals/restricted snakes – regulate possession of (HB 483/SB 310)

Status HB 483: Referred to Agriculture and Natural Resources 3/14/12.

SB 310: Signed into law 6/5.  Effective 9/3/2012

OKLAHOMA: Game and fish; prohibiting breeding or failure to prevent breeding of certain animals (HB 2191)

Status: DEAD

OKLAHOMA: Responsible Exotic Cat Owners Act (SB 1799)

Status: DEAD

PENNSYLVANIA: (HB 1051) bans exotic wildlife

Status: DEAD

PENNSYLVANIA: (HB 1398) bans exotic wildlife

Status: DEAD

PENNSYLVANIA: (SB 230) Exempts USDA Class C exhibitors from permits

Status: DEAD

RHODE ISLAND: Animal Advocate (H 7139/S 2034) allows state vets or RI SPCA to act as animal advocates and make recommendations on court cases involving custody or well-being of animals

Status H 7139: Sub A signed into law 6/11. 

S 2034 – Sub B signed into law 6/11.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Exotic Animal and Reptile Control and Regulation Act (S 1204) – bans exotic animals with grandfathering clause

Status: DEAD

TENNESSEE: (HB 99/SB 1135) $100,000 liability insurance

Status: DEAD

TENNESSEE: (HB 94/SB 302) educational course

Status: DEAD

TENNESSEE: (HB 117/SB 1133) signs and constraint

Status: DEAD

TENNESSEE: (HB 3165) moves wildlife for commercial purposes under authority of exotic wildlife board

Status: DEAD

VIRGINIA: Dangerous wild animals (HB 1242/SB 477)

Status: HB 1242- On hold until 2013

SB 477 – On hold until 2013.

~ Started Dangerous Animal Initiative workgroup

WEST VIRGINIA: Potentially dangerous wild animals (HB 4344)

Status: Natural Resources 1/30/12. DEAD – WV adjourned

WEST VIRGINIA: Limiting possession of wild and exotic animals (SB 477)

Status: Passed Senate and House with substitute.  Vetoed by Governor on 4/3/12.